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Dear Reader

The study of hair loss has been my life’s work spanning 25 years. The walls of my library are lined with so many research and hair health manuals that I had to put all but the best of them in storage.

I have studied just about everything related to hair health and hair loss that I can get my hands on. During this time I have seen more so called breakthroughs and medical procedures (costing people thousands of dollars for worthless ongoing treatments) than I could care to count.

What most people don’t realise is that the pathology of hair loss is related to numerous conditions that often have little or nothing to do with hair growth or hair loss. In short almost every system in the body can affect the health of your hair. Unfortunately many people today are lead to believe that drugs are the only available solution. Thats good for the Phamaceutical companies. Yet most of the hair loss products marketed today do not address the fundamental and physiological factors of the hair loss problem.

During all this time of exhaustive research I knew that the real answer to hair loss concerning the physiological chemistry of cause was being missed. Then almost by accident I came across unrelated but vital information, which when combined with my own years of research contained specific instruction necessary to balance the Internal/External and Cosmetic factors which cause hair loss and how to naturally regenerate hair growth and prevent further hair thinning and loss, while increasing overall health and well being.

Why diminish the quality of your health using hair loss drugs, when there is a safer, more effective alternative which requires no financial outlay, drugs, products or treatments.

Now you can follow these simple Natural Step-By-Step principals for both prevention of hair loss and over coming hair loss in both men and women.

It is safe to say, no one who has followed these simple step-by-step principals has done so in vain.

But that's just not my opinion.

Recently I sent a copy of this information to one of the world’s top health and well being journals and they wrote a 2 page expose` that was read by over 2 million readers. It was an outstanding success and what followed were literally hundreds of requests for further information and interviews.

Critics called it a revelation

“The almost mystic properties of this simple exercise regimen simultaneously work to balance and centre Qi (the bodies energy system), and has a detoxifying effect on the entire bodily system. It increases strength and skeletal structure, enhances circulatory activity, enriches respiratory function and miraculously it seems, reduces the effects of age, hereditary predispositions and cellular breakdown while achieving vital balance necessary for optimum hair health and rejuvenation”.

Now for the first time you can access this vital information in softcover book.


Step-By-Step guidance to vital hair health that will change your life forever....


  • How to prevent and stop hair loss, and restore hair growth.
  • How to achieve longevity of the hair cell and promote follicular growth.
  • The five Internal/External and Cosmetic Factors, which cause hair loss/hair thinning, and how to achieve hair and scalp rejuvenation.
  • The secret of the Hair Power Workout and Hair Power Diet as outlined in The Step-By-Step Hair Power Regimen™
  • How to not only revitalize and restore your hair but also greatly enhance and improve your overall health and longevity.
  • What methods slow down the genetic hereditary predisposition to hair loss.
  • Why hair loss is more prevalent in women in today’s society and how to stop female hair loss?
    The effects of stress – for instance the co-relation between high blood pressure, heart disease and hair loss, and how to reverse the trend.

Learn why others are calling this unique information the most important discovery of their lives

About the Author

Jonathon E. Phillips has been dedicated to the hair and hair loss industry for over 25 years as an International hair health specialist, hair loss analyst and Cosmetologist, with further studies in the fields of Physiology, Toxicology, and Naturopathy and founder of the World’s first Hair Bank. He has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines and television programs.

With the philosophy that all hair loss and related problems are individual in nature and must be treated accordingly, Jonathon approaches his life’s work from a truly multi-dimensional prospective.

His attitudes concerning the individuality of hair loss are reflected in his ground breaking research and development of the STEP-BY-STEP HAIR POWER REGIMEN™. With a strong realization of the influencing role of Internal/External and Cosmetic factors, Jonathon’s cutting edge knowledge of the hair health industry has helped benefit the lives of celebrities, sport starts and the everyday person alike.

There is no doubt that beginning a daily program of The Step-By-Step Hair Power Program is the single most important step a person could take not only for the sake of their hair but for overall health and well being.

Learn why others are calling this unique information the most important discovery of their lives

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